FEMALE EXTREME BODY ART II ediz. by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
CORPO è MIO - Post Porn Art, extreme body art andlive art
11-12 Marzo 2011 Roma, Rising Love - Amigdala Corpi Vari Generi Diversi

“The arrogance and insanity of Capitalism transforms the bodies in occupied territories controlled by a continuous manipulation that acts on every stage of the existence and the perception of reality” (Videoarmsidea)

Extreme Gender Art is a project found by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser in 2006 to promote Performance Art with particular attention to censored expressions. In 2011 the event focused on Extreme Body Art and Post Porn Art.
Extreme Body Art questions about what is socially accepted in terms of body modifications (plastic surgery aesthetics) and the alternative body interventions that are rejected. Society imposes what is right and what is wrong: a self determined body is considered deviant and dangerous because outside the social control dynamics.
Post Porn Art is a post-feminism artistic movement recently started between Spain and USA that through Performance Art gives voice to radical politics and queer struggles for a new conception of body, gender and sexuality.

“Body is Mine is a historical event recalling Pasolini.” (Giudice)


CALL FOR ARTISTs TEASER by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
10 gennaio 2010
10 artiste italiane della live art e della body art estrema si esibiscono in uno show inedito tutto al femminile. Body piercing, body modifications, human installations e gender role play: al centro il corpo femminile ferito da pratiche cruenti o adornato da composizioni raffinate, ma anche gesto di liberazione e rituale.


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